Short breaks tour – 4 days Heartland tour

Accomodation: Tent/ family operated ger / tourist camp
Meal: breakfast/ lunch/ dinner
Active: hiking/ camel and horse riding/ climbing to the dune and mountain
Transportation: Russian van / Japanese van/ Jeep



Day 1st Khustain Nuruu National Park

Khustai National Part is the home to wild horses which is called Przewalski horses or Takhi in Mongolian.The Khustai National park is rich and home to 459 species of vascular plants, 85 species of lichens, 90 species of moss and 33 species of mushrooms, 44 species of mammals, including Deer, Mongolian gazelle, Roe deer, Wild boar, Wild mountain sheep, Ibex, Mongolian marmots, Gray wolves, Lynx, Pallas’ cat, Red fox, Corsac fox and Eurasian Badger. You can make various outdoor activities such as Takhi and bird watching, hiking, and visiting ancient artefacts there. (L/D – stay family operated ger)

Day 3rd Kharakhorin

Today drive to Kharakhorum and it was ancient capital of Mongol Empire in 13th century. Kharkhorin was built in 1235 by Ogodei Khaan , who was Chingis Khaan’s third son and his successor . The foundations of Kharkhorin’s buildings are all underground and Erdene-Zuu Monastery was built near ruins of ancient capital in 1586. We will visit the Erdenezuu monastery which contains valuable items that represents the Buddhist culture in Mongolia and Kharakhorum museum. (B/L/D – stay guest house)

Day 2rd Khugnu Khan Nature Reserve

KhognoKhan Nature Reserve cover 470.000m² and became protected in 1997. This is the magnificent place with mountains, forests, steppe, Gobi type desert and mineral water sources all in one location and home of many wild animals such as Wolves, Deer, Foxes and even Snow Leopard. In the KhognoKhan Nature Reserve there are an extraordinary semi-desert called Elsen Tasarkhai, part of the Great Mongol Sand dunes, extends 80 km. At the southern foot of the mountain there are two ancient ruins of Buddhist monasteries. This area is pleasant for many activities such as hiking, mountain climbing and horse, riding. (B/L/D – stay family operated ger)

Day 4th Ulaanbaatar

Today is back to drive Ulaanbaatar.We’ll transfer you to your accommodation in UB and the rest of the day will be yours to create your own experience. you to explore the urban side of Mongolian life in downtown Ulaan Baatar. (B/L- hotel which is your own chose)


Tour Includes & exclude

Tour includes

✓ Invitation letter for visa.
✓ Airport and train station transfer.
✓ Private English speaking guide.
✓ Driver + vehicle + All petrol and fuel.
✓ Accommodation at the ger camps.
✓ All entrance fees (National Park and sightseeing area).
✓ Toll roads.
✓ All meal (B+L+D-In the itinerary).
✓ Drinking water.
✓ Camping equipment.

Tour excludes

☒ International airfare and train tickets
☒ Travel insurance
☒ Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar
☒ Daily personal items
☒ Camera and video fees
☒ Snacks and drinks (alcoholic and soft drinks)
☒ Tips for your tour team

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