Mongolia Visa Information

How To Get Mongolian Visa?

When you travel to Mongolia, definitely think about visa. Are there any Mongolian Embassy or Consulate near to where you live? Visa is required for all, except citizens of the following countries. Please see “LIST OF VISA FREE COUNTRIES”. / List of visa free countries / Visas are available from the Mongolian embassy in your country. If there is no Mongolia embassy in your country, one month visas can be obtained on the spot once you arrive at the
airport or railway station. There will also be a visa fee around 68US. We will supply an official confirmation letter for your visa application once you book a travel service with us.
The following things are required to apply for Mongolian visa:
1. Valid Passport
2. One Passport Sized Photo
3. Application form Download Visa Application Form
4. Either an invitation letter of the receiving entity (State, Government, Non-governmental
organization and Business organization) or official request of the organization who is
receiving you.

Visa extension

With a regular tourist visa you may stay up to 30 days in Mongolia, you must be extended for a further 30 days at the Immigration Agency of Mongolia if you apply for an extension not less than 4 days before the duration of your visa expires. Please let us know if you need a letter of invitation and visa extension.

On arrival visa

  1. Tourists who are coming from European countries where there is no Mongolian diplomatic presence are eligible to obtain on-arrival visa at the Chinggis Khaan international airport in Ulaanbaatar or Mongolian border points.
  2. Transit visa can also be applied at Mongolian borders if the applicant is coming from European countries where there is no Mongolian diplomatic presence and has an onward flight/train ticket or obtained a visa if applicable, of the country he or she plans to visit immediately after Mongolia. (Transit visa allows for a stay up to 10 days in Mongolia)
    You must contact the relevant diplomatic mission whether your country is among the countries whose nationals are eligible to receive on-arrival visa before your intended travel to Mongolia. General requirements for visa applications will apply for applicants requesting on-arrival visa.

Visa fee’s cost

  • Single entry-exit visa – US$25 ; valid for three months from the date of issuing. For urgent service (within a working day) US$50
  • Multiple entry-exit visa ; US$65 valid for six months. For urgent service (within a working day) US$130
  • Visa extension valid for one week – US$15 . For urgent service (within a working day) US$30; US$2 per a day exceeding a week.
  • On arrival visa – US$55
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