Coming to Mongolia

By Air

There is  Chinggis Khaan international airport in Mongolia which locates a bit outside of Ulaanbaatar capital. The following cities have direct flights to Mongolia.

Berlin (Germany) – MIAT fly direct 3 times per week (April- end of October)

Frankfurt (Germany) – MIAT   (June – September)

Moscow (Russia) – MIAT fly directly 3 times per week (April – end of October)

Moscow (Russia) – Aeroflot fly directly 3 times a week

Seoul (Korea) – MIAT 5 times a week (summer schedule April- end of October)

Seoul (Korea) – Korean Airline fly direct 6 times a week

Beijing (China) – MIAT fly directly daily (April – end of October)

Beijing (China) – Air China fly directly daily

Istanbul (Turkey) – Turkish airlines fly direct 3 times a week

Tokyo (Japan) – MIAT fly direct 4 times a week (April – end of October )

Hong Kong (China) – MIAT  fly direct 5 times a week. (April – end of October)

By Railway

There is Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow (Ulan Ude) to Beijing, passing through Mongolia. It is from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar.    It is 6 days journey from Moskow to Ulaanbaatar and train No. 4&6 depart on Tuesday and Wednesday at 21:35 and arriving to Ulaanbaatar next week’s Monday and Tuesday at 0630.  It takes just 30s hours from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar. Train departs on Tuesday at 07:40 , arriving next day at 14:20.

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